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Frequently asked questions

No, this is not a loan. Lyte provides you access to your earned commission at a flat processing fee.

Once your agency establishes a partnership with Lyte, you will be able to Register, Request and Receive your commission anytime, anywhere.

The minimum cash out amount is RM500 and you can cash out up to RM100,000 of your earned commission, subject to agency’s approval.

No, you are only able to cash out up to your earned commission.

There are no interest charges, tax or any other hidden charges on your fast comm requests, just the flat processing fee.

Upon approval by your agency, your requested commission will be transferred to you within 3 working days.

Click here to create your Lyte account! If your agency is not onboard with Lyte, reach out to us on WhatsApp with your agency details and we will get in touch with them shortly!

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